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What Shipping Methods Do You Offer?

(1) We'll ship your goods to you by air express courier.

(2) The choice of courier varies according to country, but most countries currently have a choice of some or all of: DHL, FedEx, and UPS. China EMS is also available for certain countries.

(3) Small orders can also be shipped very cheaply by Air Mail, if your goods weight is not too high (about 2kg).

(4) For bulk orders we can also arrange to make the goods available at our warehouse for your own forwarder to collect, or we can offer good freight rates for bulk air shipment or sea freight.

(5) Air express courier: after dispatch from the recondoo warehouse in Shenzhen, China, the shipment goes to the airport in Hong Kong or in Guangzhou, and goes to your nearest major logistics hub. From there the goods are delivered by the courier's local services.

(6) Customs clearance paperwork and procedures are handled by the courier. They may need to contact you in certain cases to confirm details of a shipment. In any cases where additional paperwork is required for customs clearance, recondoo will assist as much as possible

How Fast Can I Get My Products?

(1) The time from when you pay to the time when you (or your customer) receives the goods is typically 6-9 days. See below to find out details.

(2) Your wholesale electronics orders will be Quality Controlled, Packed, and Dispatched within 6 days of payment (usually faster).

(3) After we send out your goods, we email you the courier tracking number within 1 working day.

(4) Transit time from China to your delivery destination, including delivery by courier to your door, is normally only 3-5 days.

(5) If you need help tracking your delivery, or have concerns about a delivery time, we'll be on hand to answer your questions. Use the website Live Chat or send email to us.

What Is recondoo Shipping Guarantee?

Delivery Failure Scenarios

(1)The package is lost, broken, or stolen before it reaches you.

recondoo will re-send the goods or give a full refund. In practice such cases are very rare, perhaps 1 in 5000 shipments, when using courier services. Please note confirmation of such cases can take some time, so in such an event you may be advised to place a new order at your expense while the original shipment is investigated pending compensation.

(2) An Air Mail package has not arrived after a long time.

recondoo will give a full refund after the delivery deadline has expired. These cases are rare, and if this ever occurs, we will inform you of the delivery deadline for your package, which will be 30-60 days depending on the region. If you are dropshipping you will be advised to create a new order for your customer in the meantime.

(3) A multi-part delivery arrives missing some items or packets.

In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. With the correct documentary proof through the courier company reporting process, recondoo will re-send the goods or give a refund.

(4) Items in the packet arrive in a damaged condition.

In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. Provided you follow through the correct reporting process, the goods can be handed back to the courier and recondoo will send new goods or give a refund. If you do not immediately follow the courier's reporting procedure, and thus no adequate documentation is available to prove the goods arrived damaged, we will offer advice on a case-by-case basis about whether you can return the goods to China for replacements or a refund.

(5) A shipment is delayed, turned back, or seized by Customs

If the Customs issue was your responsibility, you are liable. If the failed delivery was due to mis-handling by recondoo, you will receive compensation when the case is resolved. Such cases are unusual but it is important you are aware of your responsibilities in such a case. Please refer to the more detailed notes on this issue here

General Delivery Failure Cases Where You Accept Liability

You (or the consignee) must accept delivery of the goods and comply with any applicable procedures/charges from your local Customs.

If the delivery fails because:

(1) you were not at home or the courier could not contact you
(2) the delivery details were wrong
(3) the recipient fails to accept the goods
(4) the courier cannot satisfactorily verify the identity of the person attempting to receive the goods
(5) the courier cannot deliver to a remote area or invalid address
(6) delivery fails due to war, disaster, etc
(7) other similar scenarios beyond our control
... [in such cases] you agree that recondoo will not accept liability and no compensation is available.

There are also several situations in which you accept liability when the goods do not arrive due to Customs issues. Please read the full terms and conditions here.

Customs Clearance Issues

All imported goods are subject to Customs clearance in every country. When you buy from recondoo, the goods are sent from China. Therefore you are importing, and you are the importer responsible for the goods when the goods pass through Customs in your destination country. According to our general terms and conditions, you may order anything you like from recondoo and we will fulfil your order, but it remains totally your responsibility to find out in advance if the products are permissible to import into your destination country, and if so what clearance requirements, taxes, policies etc apply in that country. recondoo cannot and will not offer advice or pre-shipment information on Customs issues in any regard.

According to our experience, we can confirm that in over 99.9% of shipments from recondoo there is no issue whatsoever with Customs clearance. Furthermore in the majority of the rare cases subject to a delay in Customs, the electronics goods are released and delivered successfully. This is because the clearance via normal shipping methods (couriers or post) is handled professionally by the shipping company, and recondoo is an experienced provider of correct shipping documentation and compliant products and packaging.

You need to be aware that, since any order you make on will pass through your country's Customs, the Customs have the right to hold and inspect your goods according to their policies.

Every country's Customs has different policies, and these policies can vary substantially, for example...

...from port to port
...from day to day or from one Custom's staff member to another
...depending on the volume of packages requiring clearance on any particular day
...depending on the security levels and political climate of the moment
...depending on the package shipment method
...depending on the package origin
...depending on the package, weight, shape, packing, size, profile, x-ray results, etc
...depending on the package contents
...depending on the declared or assessed valuation of the package contents
...depending on the paperwork accompanying the shipment
...depending on random inspection timetables or scheduled batch checks for particular criteria

As the importer, you bear sole responsibility for the clearance of the goods any issues that may arise from an inspection or hold. Typically, the consignee of the shipped packets is taken as the importer in any problem case.

If you are dropshipping, it is important to note that the consignee of the goods is your customer, and therefore they will be liable for any assessed import duties, sales taxes, or issues arising from Customs inspection.

In most countries, depending on the category of goods imported and the quantity or value, the shipment will be assessed for duties and /or sales tax. That is your responsibility as the importer and you can find detailed notes from recondoo here.

In The Case Of A Customs Hold

1. recondoo will contact you to discuss the issue openly.

2. You will typically be required to communicate directly with your country's Customs, or contact them via your courier company.

3. If additional documents are required, recondoo will do our utmost to provide the documents to you and support the goods clearance.

4. Your country's Customs can hold goods pending a decision for as long as they like.

5. The final decision about assessing, valuing, taxing, releasing/refusing, seizing the goods is entirely down to Customs. In some cases no reasons are provided, and in many countries the importer has no right of appeal. In most countries the Customs are hard to communicate with and lack basic public information or accessible staff contact.

6. In the vast majority of cases, the goods are released after a delay ranging from 1 day to 6 months... the reason for the delay is usually unknown, and the length of the delay is unfortunately beyond anyone's control.

7. If the goods are refused entry, they will either be destroyed with no compensation, or turned back so the courier ships them back to recondoo.

Under these terms and conditions, which you are agreeing to at the time you place your order, you are acknowledging you understand your basic responsibilities as an importer and the resultant liabilities should any exception occur.

Examples of situations where recondoo will compensate you

(1) If internationally recognised documents such as CE / FCC / Sisvel could not be supplied fast enough by recondoo, and Customs refused entry to the goods.

(2) If you made a valid request for customization of the shipping paperwork, and we agreed to follow your instructions but failed to do so.

(3) If we made any other serious error on the paperwork accompanying the goods.

(4) If the goods were delayed or impounded by China Exit Customs rather than your own country's Customs.

(5) If a Customs inquiry reveals a valid IPR issue with the products. recondoo never knowingly markets/sells counterfeit products or any products/packaging infringing intellectual property of any parties.

Examples of situations where you are not entitled to compensation

(1) If you refused to accept the goods.

(2) If the goods could not clear due to import restrictions that are specific to your own country, e.g. FDA approval of products (USA), country-specific certification, restricted categories of goods, quotas, so-called anti-dumping enforcement etc.

(3) If you refused to accept applicable taxes or other charges associated with the import procedure.

(4) If you refused to pay additional charges or fines resulting from Customs' re-assessment of the classification or value of the goods.

(5) If you were unable to accept the goods due to laws in your country such as a lack of an import licence.

(6) If Customs refused entry to your goods because you failed to provide paperwork or other information in a timely manner, OR provided incorrect paperwork or information.

(7) If Customs refused entry to your goods but they did not provide a reason, OR we were unable to confirm sufficient detail of the supposed reason.

(8) If Customs refused entry to your goods due to a supposed IPR issue, but in our opinion this is unsubstantiated.

(9) If Customs are still holding the goods after a period of at least 6 weeks and after our best efforts we have no further detail about the reason for the hold or any probable resolution to the case.

(10) If clearance failed due to lack of licences / documents / certificates which are specific to your country and recondoo deems it beyond the reasonable scope of our Shipping Team to provide these documents in the absence of any pre-shipment communication from you.

(11) If Customs refused entry to your goods or levied increased taxes, charges, or fines associated with the classification or declared value of the goods on the shipping paperwork. We always inform you in advance about the declaration of your goods, and in the cases of larger shipments you have to agree to the declaration value explicitly, so this is deemed to be totally your responsibility.

(12) If we previously warned you about a possible increased risk of delivery exceptions due to our experience of shipping to your country, for whatever reason, but you explicitly agreed to go ahead with the order.


(1) "Compensation" refers to full or partial refund/credit of the amount you paid for the goods and /or shipping (depending on the situation). recondoo will absolutely not offer any further compensation or accept any liability in any other regard.

(2) We reserve the sole right to evaluate the reason for a Customs exception. We will do this openly based on our communications with the Courier, your country's Customs, and any evidence you have provided us of your own communications with the Courier and Customs.

(3) If the goods are returned to China, but we deem that you were liable for the failed delivery not us, we may be able to compensate partially, based on any remaining credit after return delivery fees, China import taxes, and restocking fees.

(4) If the goods are impounded, held indefinitely, destroyed, or confiscated by Customs, and according to the policy above this is not recondoo's responsibility (including where the actual reason for the exception was never clarified), you will not receive compensation of any kind.


Search online, check with your local Government, local Customs and Chambers of Commerce, and seek advice on all import regulations and procedures!

To ensure successful delivery, particularly of larger shipments, we strongly recommend you personally undertake rigorous research of your local destination laws, regulations, and common practices in relation to imported goods and taxation. For large shipments you should always hire a licensed Import Broker.